The Oneida Casino App

Your Offers, Points, Promos, and More.
At Your Fingertips.

Oneida Casino’s app gives you access to all the information you need, like special promotions and instant insight into your Players Club account. Check your points and free play, plus see your personal offers before they arrive in the mail!

 So Many Exclusive Offers

As a loyal Oneida Casino player, you know we love to send special offers to our players. With the app, you can instantly see all the offers available to you by tapping Offers.

Plus, when you use the Oneida Casino App, you can get special notifications delivered directly to you through the app. Offers can be location-based, so be sure to enable push notifications and location services.

Check Your Points at Any Time

Just tap into the Account Snapshot to see your current Points and any available Free Play. You can also see your current Club Tier.

How to Get Started

  1. Download the App from the Apple App Store (iphones) or Google Play (Androids).
  2. To download, click the link, or scan the QR code, or simply search your phone’s app store for Oneida Casino.
  3. The first time you launch the app it will prompt you to enter your Oneida Players Club info:
    • Enter your Club Member Number printed on the front of your players club card
    • Enter your Oneida Players Club personal identification number (PIN).
  4. That’s it! You will now see all your current Players Club info in the Account section, PLUS you’ll see all your current offers under Offers.

How to Get the Most from the App

  • Be sure to log into your players club account from the App so you can track your points and see your current offers.
  • Turn on Location Services so you don’t miss out on any offers for on-property guests only.